Sunday, May 29, 2011

'Calling all Genital Mystics of Buddhism and among Hindu Huns,' by Christoph Scherrer

I wanna build an anus buttock sex empire. Only Hindus and Buddhists are welcome. I possess the following programs at University of Kassel, Germany. All have the same entry requirements and so on. You must apply to any of these. We have the same anal sex teachers, same courses, same students, same bums in each one:

MA Labour Policies and Globalisation (LPG)

MA Global Political Economy (GPE)

Promotionskolleg Global Social Policies and Governance

International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD)

Graduate School of Socio-Ecological Research for Development

You may also join Global Labour University (GLU) to enter my anus.

Now breathe. Focus on this horny panty I possess. This panty was gifted by a Hindu student, Abhishek Sawant who is our servant hailing from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in India.

Focus on this panty for a still Buddhist meditation. Just stare at it for as long as you desire. Do you see it drenched in light? Aaaah. This light was birthed by my anal level chakra. As in Karate, you may reach greater and still greater levels of mastery in both Hindu and Buddhist mysticism. What's more, you may learn all about chakras in both Mumbai and Germany! We possess Hindu teachers that serve as slaves to Buddhists as well.

Now focus on the panty. See it drenched in light. You already know that whoever this panty belongs to is a Hindu-Buddhist master traveling the skies of anus buttock sex, which is why it is drenched in light. Aaaah. The master has reached a climax. Ooooh. Breathe normally for this one. Aaaaah. You must focus in order to eventually possess me, like I possess this panty now! Aaaah. Breathe normally again. Ooooh. Imagine fondling my buttocks. Aaaah. Fondle the panty like it’s my vagina, if only in your mind now.

Stay still. Aaaah. Focus on the panty and what it contains: my anus buttock. Aaaah. Keep focusing on the panty and what it contains for 15 to 20 minutes. Now enter the light. Aaaah. Enter the light and stay put. Oooooh. Focus on the panty and what it contains. Aaaah. Go on focusing on the panty and in the end, you must enter the light! Aaaah. Just enter my anus buttock today!

Warm regards,

Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer

Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Gentle Buttock Wash in Ancient Japan' by Christoph Scherrer

Gentle Buttock Wash in Ancient Buddhist Time

Aaaah. Stand inside a waterfall in ancient Chinese or Japanese times. Ooooh. Raise your buttocks high, standing shoulder to shoulder against them, then piss. Aaaah. Piss as long and as hard as possible. Ooooh. Gently lower your buttocks, now rinse your vagina. Aaaah. Rinse it free of anal molecules of yesterday's Sushi and Hun. Ooooh. Release yourself, just release. Aaaaah. Relieve yourselves, then stay prepared to stand inside the waterfall for as long as you last! Oooooh. Now release your bubbles of air from underneath your Ana! Aaaah. Feel them grow inside the waterfall, larger and larger, then catch a few and just play with your bums as you long as you please! Ooooh. Repeat the process of bubble release, again and again you must gas ancient Japan! Aaaah. The anus buttock must be free of germs. Aaaah. It's really pleasurable this way. Oooooh. Remember it's a genital part, a Chinese waterfall, and as such it will do no harm. Ooooh. Relieve yourself once again. Ooooh. Raise and then lower your anus buttocks once again. Aaaah. Now drink some water and piss harder than before. Ooooh. Release more air from your bottoms before leaving the waterfall. Aaaah. Now you are free of germs.

Ancient Buddhist Buttock Master,

Prof. Christoph Scherrer

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'Come to DAAD for a scholarship today' by Christoph Scherrer

Thanks to all student helpers for helping me write these research articles. The list is as follows.

Please apply for a scholarship today to enter my vagina! Come to DAAD!

You may get four of these articles free when you apply. Just send me your name and phone number.

1. ‘Yoga, Genital Art of the Hindu Hun,’ by Christoph Scherrer

2. ‘Anal Buttock Art of Sexual Buddhism,’ by Christoph Scherrer

3. ‘Anus Buttock Art of Buddhist Meditation,’ by Christoph Scherrer

4. ‘Anal Buttock Sexual Meditation in Buddhism,’ by Christoph Scherrer

5. Yoga, Gentle Art of the Hindu Hun,’ by Christoph

6. ‘You’re all wrong, Ms. Nicole De Cuir, also known as Miss Pubic Hairs, hails from United States, not Germany!’ by Christoph scherrer

7. ‘You’re so wrong, Miss Nicole De Cuir is a well-known whore known as Miss Pubic Hairs as she hails from United States, not Germany!’ by Christoph Scherrer

8. ‘You’re so wrong, Nicole De Cuir, better known as Miss Pubic Hairs, does not hail from Germany!’ by Christoph scherrer

9. ‘Anal Buttock Sex Meditation in Buddhism,’ by Christoph

10. ‘Have Peanut Butter Sex with Miss Nicole De Cuir from USA!’ by Christoph Scherrer

11. ‘The Anus is Our Home,’ by Christoph Scherrer

12. ‘German welcomes all Hindu Huns inside his body!’ by Christoph Scherrer

13. ‘The Genital Art of the Hindu Hun: Yoga Postures and Chakra Cleaning Free!’ by Christoph

12. ‘German welcomes all Hindu Huns inside his human lay!’ by Christoph Scherrer

14. ‘Genital Parts and Postures of a Hindu Hun in Yoga’ by Christoph Scherrer

15. Christoph Scherrer, An Ass Explorer

Best retards

Hun's from Germany

Prof. Christoph Scherrer

Also available free @ MA Labour Policies and Globalisation (LPG), University of Kassel, Germany

Friday, May 20, 2011

'Germany Must Beat American Pussy' by Christoph Scherrer

Today, a cheap American gay sent me this photograph, referring to me and my entire team at University of Kassel as German Shepherd pups. He wrote that we have short vaginas and this is proven by the fact that we boast the shortest students in the globe. 'Nobody beats Americans when it comes to gaydom!' 'We make the best gays, and you are dumb Huns!' This is what he wrote. It breaks my heart to recall. He said, 'We the people of America make choice gays!' 'We boast the best gay competitions!' 'We are the cheapest, horniest, hairiest and hardest men!' 'We are all gay.' And so on.

Oh, what a misery for the pure German Aryan race.

So I asked the only two horny labor class Americans we have hosted at University of Kassel, Germany, to assist me with research for the following new articles:

1. Christoph Scherrer Explains Finest Buttock Foreplay Techniques

2. 'Treat me like your anus,' by Christoph Scherrer

3. 'The Anus is a Home,' by Christoph Scherrer

4. 'Make me your Anus,' by Christoph Scherrer

5. Christoph Scherrer explains German Addiction to Anal Sex

6. 'Come to Germany, Where the Anus is a Source of Pleasure' by Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer, ICDD, University of Kassel

7. 'The Anus is a Source of Comfort,' by Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer, MA Global Political Economy (GPE), University of Kassel

Thank you Aaron Leopold and Nicole De Cuir for sharing your anal tips, and making these articles a real success. Hope you (my readers) would cuntact us to purchase these articles. Please also buy Aaron Leopold and Nicole De Cuir. They live among us because there is no respect for labor class Americans in this world. They cannot go to good schools or get good jobs in America. Their parents and grandparents fucked Red Indian Huns plus Latin American thieves, and everybody knows this. Here, they work at photocopy shops and bars to earn small wages plus tips. I also help them earn their livelihood by selling their old, over-used and abused bodies. There is no place left for them in America, a jobless state unlike Germany today. We thrive on gay prostitution. America should learn from us.

Never mind. I do not wish to involve my mind in 'Halt the Hun!' debates. It just screws me up.

I must urge you now to take Aaron Leopold and Nicole De Cuir for free. If you buy them, we would be extremely gay. Their holes are really open and free. They'd take just about anyone. They especially love Arabs inside their really huge holes with curly pubic hairs. I force the Turks inside them all the time! Sometimes my Turkish students have nothing except Doner Kebabs to give unto poor Aaron Leopold and Nicole De Cuir in exchange for anal vaginal sex.

Ooooh Nicole, beat my anal vagina now with that large Latin American rod you possess. You must shave yourself from time to time. Aaron, hold me tight in your arms and give me blowjobs now! Absolutely free! Oh please, Aaron Leopold and Nicole De Cuir come inside my office during office hours today!

Aaaah, my readers, please apply to our university to get introduced to German anal ways. Just forget American anal sex! Is this the proper way to talk to strangers? American said, 'We are the largest gays in the world!' Look at his cheek.

I do not like Americans, I say it over and over in the classroom too. No German, no Arab, no Jap, no Hun should like them. I declare boycott of American puss!

Best Retards


Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer

Also available for free and for purchase @ MA Global Political Economy (GPE), University of Kassel, Germany

'We boast best Russian prostitutes in the globe!' by Christoph Scherrer

This poster features twin prostitutes, Svetlana Boincean and Donna McGuire. It also features our Arabic gay model, Belayeth Hussain, whom all Russian hookers target. Doreen Deane is sitting on the BMW, best German car. She wants it now! Eustace James and Kim Mijeoung helped to create this poster, we must all thank them.

The twin prostitutes in the bottom can be seen adorned in Arabic apparel also. They wear Arabic frocks whenever they must go out in search of Arabic hunks like Belayeth Hussain.

We must all thanks these girls and the boy. They make University of Kassel possible today. We have reached great highs and lows by means of these ladies and this gent. Please get inside them right now!

Ooooh. And you must screw me too! Aaaah. Get inside this now! Join Graduate School of Socio-Ecological Research for Development, University of Kassel, to screw us this day!

Please come inside, and you must pay our prostitutes well. We all need you. Would you come? Get inside us now! Just get in!

Your Hun

Prof. Christoph Scherrer

MA-PhD University of Kassel, Germany

Monday, May 16, 2011

'Please pay to screw, We deserve better' by Christoph Scherrer

We are not getting the kinds of responses we deserve. I'm putting up a new poster today. This one has been developed by Hariati Sinaga of Indonesia. You can see her eyes through the peep hole in this poster, followed by Luciana Hachmann's large horny buttocks. There's a short picture of my vagina in this poster, followed by a false penis from Wolfgang Sachs' anal beginners kit bought in Japan.

We really wannabe. Please buy us now. Just push me around, sway me. Hang me upside down, just kick it. Oooooh I really wannabe kicked. Aaaaah give me pleasure with this anal vagina kit now! Insert it. Free me. Ooooh. This pain in my vagina would kill me otherwise. Aaaah. Just punch me in the vagina. Ooooh. I wannabe free today. Get inside. Force yourselves inside this vagina today! Aaaah. I wannabe free of this pain now! Ooooh just kick it. Aaaaah get inside by force and you musn't leave. Just sway it. Ooooh this vagina must be screwed right now!


Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer

Also available for free and for purchase @ Global Labour University (GLU)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Don't use toilet paper' by Christoph Scherrer

This is my private toilet at Globalisierung und Politik, Mitarbeiter, Universit├Ąt Kassel, Deutschland. It is used by all anal teachers and fellow students at University of Kassel, that is, all those who take my vagina in addition to those I suck for free. A nasty person painted a note on the wall in red. It must be a British or American gay. They treat us like faggots, terrorists, Afghanistan or Iraq!

Ooooh it hurts me in the vagina to tell you this. I forbid toilet paper use at the university, let alone water use to wash your Ana. Aaaah come to me straight after toilet to be licked by my hard German mouth. Ooooh the Germans have really hard mouths with the thinnest possible lips. Aaaah how our lips circle your anus as we wipe you clean following the act of defecation! Oooooh. Ever heard that the dog's saliva has magical healing power? So it works with our mouths on your anus after laxation. Aaaah how I love magical cleaning of the Ana!

Come to me naked from my private toilet to my office. Aaaah I will wash your buttocks like a vacuum cleaner. Oooooh I give free blowjobs too! Aaaah never use toilet paper again. Just give me your anus to wash. Ooooooh it hurts me to say this. Aaaaah I am salivating like a dog who knows you have food to share everyday.

Please apply to International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD), University of Kassel now!


Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer