Sunday, May 8, 2011

'I promise DAAD scholarships to prospective anal penetrators' by Christoph Scherrer

So it goes. Charity starts at home. Today, four of our honorable students at University of Kassel pooled their savings to purchase these two panty bags for me. The students were Ellen Ehmke, Xi Zhao, Sarah Katharina Hackfort, Risper Maccs Berem, Luciana Hachmann, and Luis Eliezer Cruz Bacab. I want to thank them publicly. This is all for a good cause.

At first we reached the conclusion that we must entice you with both a bra bag and a panty bag. Then Helen Schwenken demanded her woman's workers rights again. She advised me to keep the blue one and give her the other. However, she's not my boss. I will do with the extra panty bag as I please.

I have already started using the blue panty bag to stuff my small change. If you wanna possess the pink one plus a free bra bag, please send a free hand drawing of your anus with a filled out application form for one of the following:

. MA Global Political Economy (GPE), University of Kassel, Germany

. Graduate School of Socio-Ecological Research for Development, University of Kassel, Germany

. Promotionskolleg Global Social Policies and Governance, University of Kassel, Germany

. MA Labour Policies and Globalisation (LPG), University of Kassel, Germany

You don't have to say whether or not you can afford to study with us. I promise you a DAAD scholarship too! Leave that to me. I have cuntacts.

Application procedures have never been made easier. Please Apply Now!


Prof. Christoph Scherrer