Wednesday, May 4, 2011

'I am a Thief,' admits Christoph Scherrer

I have these kinds of panties. Well, at least some of them look clean and smart like this yellow panty gifted by one of my students.

I stole panties in UK once. I took a picture when the laundry guys put up this notice. I didn't get caught. Women used to give me stares there, butt who cares? I was looking for their husbands, fathers and sons behind their angry eyes.

When I returned to Germany, teachers and fellow students at our university were very pleased at my shopping :) UK is an old enemy. I would steal panties on each and every trip to US and UK in particular. They should pay Germans for their crimes against us. Really, it is true. They must pay.

Generic German,

Prof. Christoph Scherrer

Also available @ MA Global Political Economy (GPE), University of Kassel, Germany