Friday, May 6, 2011

'Send Me Money Today!,' by Christoph Scherrer

This picture shows a Hun eating human beings. I told you we are negroes with alien ancestors. They were giants like this guy.

Imagine my hole is as large as this guy's mouth. Call him my great grandfather. It's a really hungry open hole. You don't know German appetite, or do you?

Ready to apply?

Please cuntact us @ Promotionskolleg Global Social Policies and Governance, University of Kassel, Germany.

I'd do everything in my power to relieve your tensions, especially if you're ugly like me and nobody wants to do you.

Just chop my buns! Cuntrol me. Leave me breathless under your command. Give me birthday bums on an ice rink. Raise me 20 feet high, then drop me hard. Squash my buttock, enrage me. Chain me inside a deep freezer, then forget about me for a week or so. Stone me.

Come to me or send me money today!

Hardheated Ana,

Prof. Christoph Scherrer