Monday, May 2, 2011

'Pulp Me,' by Christoph Scherrer

Break into me. Rob me. All teachers and fellow students are welcome.

At University of Kassel, Germany, although we seek experienced teachers, entry requirements for both teachers and fellow students are same. (Free visas guaranteed!)

Follow me.

Let your penis break inside my Ana.

Release me thus.

Be Armin Meiwes to me. Google this German military man for teachings on anal sex. I want it. I want what he wants. Cut me into pieces. Break my joints apart.

Sell me. Make me whole. Break in. Sponsor my Ana. Fund it. Stich it with needles. Distribute me. Vibrate it. Terrorize my Ana.

Press my buttock, pulp my anus.

Easy application procedures for all interested parties. Come break wind in my face. Gas me. Jail yourselves inside my anus.

German Anus,

Prof. Christoph Scherrer