Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Germans are Homo Sapiens,' by Christoph Scherrer

As I have explained again and again, there's no need for you to be afraid of Germans. We were plain negroes, hunters/gatherers. We are homo sapiens. Then our mothers fucked with aliens for diversity purposes.

It's a matter of pride. Surely, it is a pride to be homo sapien. I compare our race to various beasts of jungles and I feel privileged to belong to homo sapien race instead.

This is just to tell you I'm not only writing these blogs to share my personal feelings. I have thought deep inside. Sure, I share my personal feelings. Yet I want more in life. This requires me to think, so I just told you we are homo sapiens. It is a fact we have pondered over.

So I just thrive on homo sapiens enjoying my jelly flesh. It's the same race as ourselves. I love homo sapiens inside my mouth and my anus. I also enjoy when they rub themselves against my body. Like when students want to ask questions, etc. I require them to rub my body against their own. Sometimes they rub me until they cum. I tremble and sometimes it hurts deep inside me.

Your Private Anus,

German Gent

Prof. Christoph Scherrer

@ Universit├Ąt Kassel, Germany