Monday, May 16, 2011

'Please pay to screw, We deserve better' by Christoph Scherrer

We are not getting the kinds of responses we deserve. I'm putting up a new poster today. This one has been developed by Hariati Sinaga of Indonesia. You can see her eyes through the peep hole in this poster, followed by Luciana Hachmann's large horny buttocks. There's a short picture of my vagina in this poster, followed by a false penis from Wolfgang Sachs' anal beginners kit bought in Japan.

We really wannabe. Please buy us now. Just push me around, sway me. Hang me upside down, just kick it. Oooooh I really wannabe kicked. Aaaaah give me pleasure with this anal vagina kit now! Insert it. Free me. Ooooh. This pain in my vagina would kill me otherwise. Aaaah. Just punch me in the vagina. Ooooh. I wannabe free today. Get inside. Force yourselves inside this vagina today! Aaaah. I wannabe free of this pain now! Ooooh just kick it. Aaaaah get inside by force and you musn't leave. Just sway it. Ooooh this vagina must be screwed right now!


Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer

Also available for free and for purchase @ Global Labour University (GLU)