Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Gentle Buttock Wash in Ancient Japan' by Christoph Scherrer

Gentle Buttock Wash in Ancient Buddhist Time

Aaaah. Stand inside a waterfall in ancient Chinese or Japanese times. Ooooh. Raise your buttocks high, standing shoulder to shoulder against them, then piss. Aaaah. Piss as long and as hard as possible. Ooooh. Gently lower your buttocks, now rinse your vagina. Aaaah. Rinse it free of anal molecules of yesterday's Sushi and Hun. Ooooh. Release yourself, just release. Aaaaah. Relieve yourselves, then stay prepared to stand inside the waterfall for as long as you last! Oooooh. Now release your bubbles of air from underneath your Ana! Aaaah. Feel them grow inside the waterfall, larger and larger, then catch a few and just play with your bums as you long as you please! Ooooh. Repeat the process of bubble release, again and again you must gas ancient Japan! Aaaah. The anus buttock must be free of germs. Aaaah. It's really pleasurable this way. Oooooh. Remember it's a genital part, a Chinese waterfall, and as such it will do no harm. Ooooh. Relieve yourself once again. Ooooh. Raise and then lower your anus buttocks once again. Aaaah. Now drink some water and piss harder than before. Ooooh. Release more air from your bottoms before leaving the waterfall. Aaaah. Now you are free of germs.

Ancient Buddhist Buttock Master,

Prof. Christoph Scherrer