Saturday, May 7, 2011

'Senem Ertan from Turkey is Sold!' by Christoph Scherrer

This photo belongs to Senem Ertan, a beautiful Arabic hooker from Turkey. She's on the left hand side in the photo. This photo was taken by Tzu-Ying Moonsea, who is Senem Ertan's fellow student at MA Global Political Economy (GPE), University of Kassel, Germany. As you can tell, Senem Ertan was caught selling her body on the streets of Germany. We don't mind. Prostitution is entirely legal here.

We also have gay male prostitutes including Benedikt Schöneck, Benjamin Ochoo, Matt Smith, Daniel Hawkins and Michael Dellwig. Female prostitutes contain Nina Klimpel and Sarah Gleitz among others.

Now the only problem for international prostitutes is that ICDD, University of Kassel requires them to share their booties with us. Senem Ertan had a deal. We took 65% of each sum of 25 Euros that she earned on the streets of Germany. She has made us around 450 Euros during her years with us.

We love Arabic whores from Turkey. Please apply. Senem Ertan did much more than prostitution on our behalf, that is, once we had caught her. She took everybody's Ana wih a rod. She's the one who introduced Libyan rods for our Ana. She enjoyed Doner Kebabs on the streets like the rest of us. She's very very cheap.

We, the Germans, are very close to Arabian culture. We welcome all prostitutes from the Middle East, both male and female. Please get inserted here.

Yours truly,

The Salesman

Prof. Christoph Scherrer

Also available for purchase @ The Global Labour University (GLU)