Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'The Global Phenomena of Anus,' by Christoph Scherrer

A novel I recommend to the shortest girls in the world, Short Girls written by Bich.

The human looking photo belongs to Hariati Sinaga after I had reached her bums and made her whore. Ooooh. Hariati Sinaga is no more a virgin in her bums. Wolfgang Sachs has been doing her frantically. Aaaah. How we make whores of virgins without dreams!

Just as the Ana is a global phenomena, I wanna be a global figure. I wannabe known as the top most anal teacher. I truly wanna make it in life.

People like Wolfgang Sachs, Thomas Dürmeier, Andreas Hänlein, Barbara Dickhaus, Christine Löw, and Christian Möllmann must be counted as bare secretaries in this perfect world, which is to say they barely count.

I wannabe every man’s dream. Hit me now! Destroy me. Oooooh take my buttocks in your hands. Take charge. Sway me. Jiggle my buttocks until they sweat. Aaaah. The shortest girls of the world like Hariati Sinaga, Ana Maria Isidoro Losada and Maya Berdyklycheva who directly face my bums as they stand behind me are especially welcome.

Why do you think we have the shortest girls in the world at University of Kassel, Germany? Answer: They are Ana, truly Ana, that is, the genies that come out with your turd.

Ooooh how I rub my buttocks against their short faces! Aaaah they scream when I give out oxygen through a process called photosynthesis. Ha ha! Now you know I did attend primary school before joining The Global Labour University (GLU).

Come hit me cheek to cheek. Ooooh. Rub your face against my buttocks like these horny girls from the Arab world. Aaaah blow into my bums. Breathe life into me thus. Aaaah let us be one.

Come rub your face against my buttocks now! Hit your face hard against my arse today! Aaaah.


Prof. Christoph Scherrer